Fulvic Nutrient Booster 1L


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Fulvic Nutrient Booster – Feed 4 Weed Fulvic 1 Litre


Feed 4 Weed Fulvic from Cafe420 is to be used as a nutrient addition, a soil conditioner, and as a dynamic foliar spray.

Fulvic has small molecules that are better able to penetrate through the tough cell wall and mitochondria, delivering vital nutrients and trace minerals directly to the plant cells which can easily be absorbed by the plant’s roots, stems, and leaves. Fulvic helps a plant retain and fully utilize synthetic and organic fertilizers.

It is a naturally occurring material that increases the photosynthetic reaction of the plant, benefiting overall plant health and improving the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses. Fulvic also assists with cell division and enlargement, helping increase the speed at which your plants grow. Fulvic stimulates root growth increasing both water and nutrient uptake, improving the yield potential. Macronutrients usually inaccessible bonds to fulvic making macronutrients bioactive and chemically available to the plant. Fulvic is an excellent Ph buffer used to help stabilize pH fluctuations. Increases drought tolerance by maximizing the permeability of cell walls. Fulvic is a natural detoxifier and protection agent as it removes toxicity within the plant’s system from herbicides, insecticides, etc

Use in conjunction with FEED 4 WEED HUMATE for optimal results

We recommend using both Humate and Fulvic minerals as they work in harmony with each other to boost your plant growth. Humate improves soil structure to hold more water and nutrients, while Fulvic naturally facilitates your plant’s absorption and use of available nutrients more effectively.


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