Mammoth Classic80 Grow Tent


The best tent for the novice grower. Because the grow tent has large doors, it is accessible and easy to work in. Comes with straps and hooks for easy installation.

Mammoth Classic80 Grow Tent  80x80x180cm

Made of high resistance canvas in black, which prevents the entry of light from the outside. The interior is lined with fabric Mylar 190D. The structure is made of 16mm hollow steel tubes onto which you can hang the lighting system and more.


  • Strong frame with 16mm steel poles and high-quality corners and connectors.
  • Multiple inlets and outlets for flexible installation.
  • Volume: 1.02m3.
  • Doors: 1 x Front.
  • Water Tray: Removable.
  • Layer: Single.
  • Cable Holes: 1.
  • Material: 190D.​
  • ​Ventilation Inlet: 1 x 152mm.
  • Ventilation Outlet: 1 x 152mm.
  • Straps: 2.


  • Lightproof design.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Big doors offer easy access.
  • Multiple inlets and outlets for flexible installation.​
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