Super Frass Craft Soil 15dm3


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Super Frass craft soil 15dm3 is an organic plant growth enhancer.

Super Frass is made from the exoskeletons of the humble Black Soldier Fly. As they break down composted vineyard and farm waste the larvae produce nutritious castings rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

When the larvae mature they leave behind their exoskeletons. These exoskeletons contain high concentrations of Chitin. When plants detect this in the soil it stimulates plants natural responses to attack.

Insects and plants have evolved together for millennia, this means that the responses to Chitin for plants are, cells with thicker walls, more robust immune systems and overall healthier plants. Full of microorganisms that will help to break down composted organic matter.


  • Lightly sprinkle the needed dosage over the soil and water in after.


  • 4 parts water per part of SuperFrass.
  • Vegetables – 500-1000kg per hectare
  • Flower beds – 150g/m2
  • Established trees – 500g/tree
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