Sodaze Fruit Juice


Sodaze Craft Soda – Cannabis Infused

Sodaze Fruit Juice

Get Sodaze Fruit Juice from Cafe420 a new cannabis infused sparkling fruit juice.

Sodaze fruit juices are crafted with real fruit, ensuring an unparalleled fruity taste that will quench your thirst and leave you relaxed.

Sodaze is South Africa’s brand of choice for a range of cannabis-infused craft sodas and edibles made using the finest fruit and extracts..

The Sodaze fruit juice range boasts 3 exciting flavours, Mango Kush, Cloudy Apple and Strawberry Haze.

Experience Sodaze with Cafe420 and enjoy the finest cannabis-infused beverages and edibles in South Africa. 

Product Description

  • 250ml
  • CBD < 0.0075%
  • THC < 0.001%
  • Made with real fruit
  • Preservative free
  • No artificial colourants used
  • Flavours include Mango, Apple and Strawberry
  • Manufactured by Sodaze

Sodaze Craft Soda FAQs

Q. What is Sodaze?

Sodaze is a brand that offers a range of cannabis-infused beverages and edibles created from premium extracts and strains found in South Africa. These products are designed to provide a unique taste experience combined with the effects of cannabis.

Q: What makes Sodaze different from other cannabis-infused products?

Sodaze sets itself apart by focusing on creating delectable beverages and edibles with real fruit and high-quality extracts.

Q: Are Sodaze flavors made with real fruit?

Yes, Sodaze prides itself on using real fruit in crafting its flavors. This commitment to using genuine ingredients contributes to an unparalleled taste experience that sets their products apart.

Q: What flavors are available in the Sodaze Craft Soda range?

The Sodaze range features four exciting flavors: Berry Haze, Tropical Punch, Cherry Lemonade, and Orange Cream Soda. Each flavor is designed to offer a distinct and enjoyable taste sensation.

Q: What can I expect from consuming Sodaze Craft Soda?

Consumers can expect an enjoyable taste and a relaxed feeling or sensation. Your infused experience may vary based on factors such as individual tolerance, dosage, and metabolism.

Q: Are the Sodaze Craft Soda products safe to consume?

Sodaze Craft Soda is manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure a high quality product in line with health and safety standards. However, like any cannabis-infused product, it’s important to consume responsibly and be aware of your own tolerance levels. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, consult a healthcare professional before consuming cannabis products.

Q: Where can I find Sodaze products in South Africa?

Sodaze products are available from and are delivered across South Africa. For availability in your region please contact Cafe420 for dispensaries near you.

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Sodaze Bottles

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