Hornet Papers + Tray & Grinder


Hornet Papers + Tray & Grinder – King Size

Hornet Rolling Papers + Tray & Grinder from Cafe420 extends our range of Hornet natural unrefined hemp rolling papers. Hornet Slim Papers are made from organic or unbleach hemp and each pack comes with a built-in tray and grinder.

All Hornet Rolling Papers are made from natural unrefined hemp fiber. Hornet rolling papers are known for being slow burning and providing a smoother smoking experience. They’re also GMO-free and an excellent option for those who want a travel pack.

Product Specifications

  • Natural hemp paper
  • King Size
  • 32 Leaves per Booklet
  • Filter Tips
  • Organic/Unbleached
  • Built in tray and mauling pad
  • HornetDangerLife.com
Hornet TG

Organic, Unbleached

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