Humate Soil Conditioner 1L


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Humate Soil Conditioner – Feed 4 Weed Humate 1 Litre


Feed 4 Weed Humate from Cafe420 has a high molecular weight which makes it an excellent soil conditioner.

The molecules of Humate attach to mineral ions like claws, helping prevent the minerals from being locked up in the soil and allowing the roots to grow deeper and stronger. Humate converts minerals and nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and manganese into a form that’s easier for plants to absorb, resulting in greater plant efficiency and overall better plant health.

Humate’s biggest benefit is preventing mineral lockout in the soil, which helps prevent nutrient deficiencies in your plant. Humate increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance and promotes seed germination. Plant stability is enhanced, and plants are better able to find and absorb water with a broad-based root system. Humate acts as a buffer against salts, harsh chemicals, or harsh conditions in the soil. Improves plant stress tolerance to weather, pests, and diseases. Humate has been shown to increase the chlorophyll content in plants and can prevent or correct chlorosis. All this adds up to a plant better suited to meet its full potential.

Use in conjunction with FEED 4 WEED FULVIC for optimal results

We recommend using both Humate and Fulvic minerals as they work in harmony with each other to boost your plant growth. Humate improves soil structure to hold more water and nutrients, while Fulvic naturally facilitates your plant’s absorption and use of available nutrients more effectively.


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