Grow Tent 120x70x165cm


High-quality, 600D grow tent that can be used indoors or outdoors. Grow tents are water-proofed and don’t leak any light.

Grow Tent 120x70x165 cm

Tents are easy to set up and maintain.


Material: 600D Oxford and hammered Mylar inside.

Poles: Diameter: 20mm x 0.6mm thick.

  • 4 x 115cm poles.
  • 4 x 82cm poles.
  • 4 x 82cm poles.
  • Ceiling Bar (Shallow): 2 x 70cm poles.
  • Ceiling Bar (Depth): 1 x 120cm pole.
  • 4 x 65cm.

Corners: Strong plastic.

Openings: 2 for ducting, 2 for cabling.

Vents: 3


  • Use cold water only, be careful when using H2O2.
  • Use a water-proof/nylon-specific soap.
  • Don’t dry in direct sunlight.
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