Cannabis Grow Fertilizer 1kg


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Cannabis Grow Fertilizer – Feed 4 Weed Grow 1kg


Feed 4 Weed Grow is a well-balanced Cannabis Grow Fertilizer with the ultimate combination of micro- and macro-nutrients to provide your plants with what is needed during the vegetative stage of development.

When growing Cannabis, it is important to create a strong foundation during the vegetive stage in order to reach the flower’s full potential. Vegetative plants appreciate healthy soil and require a higher level of Nitrogen.

Feed 4 Weed Grow has been specifically formulated to encourage plants throughout the growth stage to obtain greener, stronger, and more resistant plants. The nutrient content provides plants with a more robust and branched structure which ultimately gives plants the perfect combination to achieve their full potential.

Use in conjunction with FEED 4 WEED CALCIUM NITRATE for optimal results

In conjunction with Grow, Calcium Nitrate is essential to provide plants with calcium and nitrogen. Nitrogen plays a critical role within the plant to ensure energy is available when and where the plant needs it to optimize yield potential. Calcium is important for cell division and plant tissue development which strengthens the plant’s cell wall structure. Calcium also improves the absorption of fertilizers such as Grow 3.1.6.


Product Specifications

  • Grow 3.1.6 (NPK) Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium (Foliage, Roots, Flower)

Product Unboxing:

  • 1 x 1kg bucket
Weight1 kg
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