Cannabis Flower Fertilizer 1kg


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Cannabis Flower Fertilizer – Feed 4 Weed Flower 1kg


Feed 4 Weed Flower is a well-balanced Cannabis Flower Fertilizer with the ultimate combination of micro-and macro-nutrients
to provide your plants with what is needed during the flowering stage of development.

Feed 4 Weed Flower contains a small amount of Nitrogen and plenty of Phosphorus and Potassium which increases health and root formation during growth. Potassium is vital for healthy plant metabolism during the flowering period, and it helps to form strong and healthy flowers. Potassium has even been found to increase a plant’s natural resistance to diseases. Phosphorus is an essential element for the development of terpene resins, which is what makes your buds smell and taste good!

Use in conjunction with FEED 4 WEED CAL-MAG for optimal results.

In conjunction with Flower, Cal-Mag provides a great balance of Calcium and Magnesium which is vital in optimizing nutrition in fast-growing plants. Calcium helps plants develop strong cell and root walls. This means that it helps strengthen stems and branches. Magnesium stimulates the formation of chlorophyll which gives leaves their green colour.


Product Specifications

  • Flower 1.3.17 (NPK) Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium (Foliage, Roots, Flower)

Product Unboxing:

  • 1 x 1kg bucket
Weight1 kg
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