Bud Juice Symbionics 500ml


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Bud Juice Symbionics 500ml


Bud Juice Symbionics 500 ml from Cafe420 is a combination of fermented molasses and amino acids.

Symbionics is Bud Juice’s answer to a biologically friendly form of molasses, an instant food source for your substrate’s microbial populations.

Designed specifically to promote the cycle of nutrient uptake in all crops, Symbionics not only contains beneficial sugars but potassium & essential amino acids as well.

Working in symbiosis with your soil microbial populations, Symbionics will take your grow from seed to weed.

Used during both vegetative & flowering stages, Symbionics is a must for all soil & coir substrates.


Product Specifications

  • 1:0:4

Product Unboxing

  • 1x 500ml bottle
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