Blackline 400w Electronic Ballast


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Get more lumens and less heat with this fully electronic ballast. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at a higher frequency (hertz) than standard magnetic ballasts, meaning more light gets to your plants.

Blackline 400w Electronic Ballast (Fan Included)

The Blackline 400w ballast is dimmable and has a boost setting for each lamp size, meaning you can take control of the light output. 400w ballasts are capable of illuminating up to 1m2 of growing space.

This ballast uses a unique timing ignition system that delivers a 0 – 15-second ignition delay to each ballast during start-up, eliminating power spikes and circuit overload when firing multiple ballasts at once.


  • Operates Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs.
  • Runs 400w, 250w, 150w bulbs at standard operation.
  • Runs 15% cooler than other digital ballasts.
  • Power efficiency: 99.9%.
  • Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts.
  • Operating Voltage: 120 – 240v.
  • Dimming options: 150w, 250Ww, 400w or Super Lumens.
  • Power cord: 2.4m.
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