Skeif Rolling Papers Display Box


Skeif Rolling Papers Display Box


Skeif Rolling Papers Display Box from Cafe420 has 50 King Size rolling paper booklets which are produced exclusively for South Africa. Get the bulk display box now and show everyone that local is lekker.

Skeif Rolling Papers is categorised as an unbleached hemp cigarette rolling paper. Unbleached rolling paper is 100% eco friendly and is made using hemp paper pulp. Skeif Rolling Papers is produced with an all natural gum line, harvested from the African Acacia tree right here in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Skeif Rolling Papers is focused on using paper that minimizes the use of chemicals in the production process. White rolling papers usually have a chemical aspect because of the presence of chlorine or calcium carbonate, which help slow down the burn. For this reason Skeif Rolling Papers are naturally brown and organic.


Product Dimensions

  • 110×44 mm

Product Unboxing

  • 1x display box
  • 50x booklets
  • 32x pages per booklet
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