RAW Rolling Paper


RAW Rolling Paper King Size with Tips – Assorted Packs

RAW Rolling Paper – King Size with Tips


Get RAW Rolling Paper from Cafe420 in Classic, Organic Hemp and Black.

Experience a longer and more enjoyable smoking session with RAW Rolling Paper. These premium rolling papers have revolutionized the smoking industry by introducing high-quality, naturally unrefined papers that allow you to indulge in the true essence of smoking. With RAW Rolling Papers, you can embrace the purity of your smoke, free from added dyes or chalk.

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Product Specifications

  • Pure Hemp Rolling Paper
  • Classic / Organic Hemp / Black
  • King Size rolling papers with Filter Tips
  • 32 leaves per booklet
  • Made by RAW

Features & Benefits

Longer Smoke

RAW Rolling Papers are designed for smokers who prefer an extended smoking experience, allowing you to savor every moment.

Unrefined and Natural

RAW Rolling Papers are made with truly natural, unrefined fibers, these rolling papers maintain the authenticity and purity of your smoking blend.

High Quality

RAW Rolling Papers are synonymous with excellence, offering superior craftsmanship and an unmatched smoking experience.


RAW Rolling Papers are proudly free from added dyes or chalk and provide a clean and chemical free smoking experience.

RAW Rolling Paper FAQs

Q: What size is RAW Rolling Paper available in?

A: The RAW Rolling Papers come in a wide variety of sizes, but the most common are King Size and 1 & 1/4.

Q:Are RAW Rolling Papers made from natural materials?

A: Yes, RAW Rolling Papers are made from truly natural, unrefined fibers, preserving the purity and flavor of your smoking blend.

Q: Are there any additives in RAW Rolling Papers?

A: No, RAW Rolling Papers are proudly free from added dyes or chalk, providing a clean and untainted smoking experience.

Q: How many Rolling Papers are in a pack of RAW?

A: Each pack of RAW Rolling Papers contains 32 leaves for your convenience.

Q: Does RAW Rolling Paper come in different types?

A: Yes, RAW Rolling Papers have three different types, Classic, Organic Hemp and Black. The RAW Black, is thinner than the original classic papers and may burn slower.

Q: Where can I buy RAW Rolling Papers?

A: You can purchase RAW Rolling Papers online from Cafe420 or from authorized retailers.

RAW Type

Classic, Organic, Black

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