InDorsun SunCannon 460w


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InDorsun SunCannon 460w


The InDorsun SunCannon 460w from Cafe420 is a 460w LED lighting system. The light spectrum and intensity produced by this lighting system are suitable for the veg and flowering stages. At 460w the light will require a consideration for introducing of CO2 into your grow, dependent on the airflow in your set-up. Throwing out an incredible 59,560 Lumen at 850 μmols, this light will meet the needs of most growers with a larger growing area or extra tall tent. The dimensions are 460mm Long, by 318mm wide and stands at 318mm tall. The SunCannon operates at a fantastic 0.97 power factor for peace of mind. The body of the unit includes a dual built-in port for connection to a cooling system via ducting to control the heat emitted by the unit. The ports are at opposite ends of the unit to draw the cool air from the ducting across the unit top and out the other side.


Product Specifications

  • Body construction: Powder-coated mild steel – Available in SS on request.
  • Lens type: 4mm Polycarbonate
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC 50HZ
  • Total circuit load: 460W – With far-red
  • Lumens:
    • 59 560 (Broad spectrum white)
    • Standard -no control, on or off
  • Control Type:
    • 1-10V control available
    • DMX control available
    • DALI control available
  • Power factor: Better than 0,97
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