Dab Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip


Dab Silicone Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip


The Dab Silicone Nectar Collector from Cafe420 is a dab rig used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates.

Conveniently dab at home or on the go, and don’t forget to order your Dab Tool Set to keep your rig clean and organised.


How to use this dab rig

  • Scoop small quantities of dab using a stainless steel tool set.
  • Heat the titanium tip till it is red hot using a blow torch.
  • Slowly place the dab up against the opening of the titanium tip.
  • Inhale through the silicone mouth piece.

Product Unboxing

  • 1x single 16cm unit
  • Colours non-specific
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