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Calcium Nitrate 1kg – Feed 4 Weed


Feed 4 Weed Calcium Nitrate 1kg boosts calcium and nitrogen levels simultaneously in plants to encourage healthy growth.

Feed 4 Weed Calcium Nitrate is water-soluble, making it easy for the plant to absorb nutrients and gain benefits in a short time. It contains Nitrogen and Calcium, two of the most needed nutrients needed for growth.

Calcium provides structural strength to plants’ cell walls which strengthens the stems and branches of the plant increasing the yield potential. Calcium can be used to prevent a calcium deficiency or replenish a plant’s calcium levels which is vital for healthy growing plants. The high calcium count also helps protect your plants against attacks from pests and insects when they become injured or stressed.

Nitrogen, a main plant nutrient during the growth stage, stimulates the growth of leaves and stems while increasing the plant’s size and overall health. It also helps with photosynthesis and is responsible for chlorophyll production which is essential for plants to survive. Without Nitrogen, plants cannot process sunlight into sugars for growth.

Use in conjunction with FEED 4 WEED GROW for optimal results


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