Canna-Myth Busters: The Truth About Autoflowering

Canna-Myth Busters The Truth About Autoflowering - Cafe420 Blog

Some people think Autoflowering Cannabis plants have fewer benefits than their traditional counterparts, but as we take a closer look we realise these canna-myths are somewhat misguided.

With a wide range of autoflowering cannabis seeds available online from Cafe420 we have set out to debunk some of the common canna-myths and misconceptions about autofloweirng cannabis plants.

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If this is your first time growing autoflowering cannabis plants, you will most likely be tempted to ask Google for some advice. Sadly, Google is not the expertwhen it comes to filtering cannabis content and you will probably find blogs and forums with growers dissuading you from exploring autoflowering cannabis plants.

When we look back there are some historical truths to these canna-myths. However, much has changed with the breeding and evolution of the cannabis plant.

Common Autoflowering Canna-Myths

With some common autofloweirng canna-myths being passed around like a joint on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it is important to find some clarity amidst this haze of uncertainty.

Canna-Myth #1: Autoflowers aren’t as Potent

Although the original parent strain of autoflowering cannabis plants was thought to be less potent, much has changed with cross-breeding contributing to much stronger autoflowering varieties.

Recent autoflowering cannabis strains have been tested and the results show that they have an average potency of 15-22% THC, which is considered very high.

THC Levels – Potency Classification
Category THC Percentage
Medium 5 – 10 %
High 10 – 15 %
Very high 15 – 20 %

Current-day autoflowering cannabis plants not only possess higher levels of THC but are also prone to having higher CBD levels too. This shows that the current levels of CBD in autofloweirng cannabis plants are also suitable for some medicinal applications.

Canna-Myth #1: Busted!

Canna-Myth #2: Autoflowers Produce Less Yield

This is where the myths start to get hazy. Autoflowering strains were bred to be compact and fast-growing plants. So with that in mind, it is logical that some autofloweirng strains wouldn’t get as big as cannabis plants being grown using the 12/12 lighting technique or other outdoor varieties.

As with all things nothing is absolute. There are exceptions when it comes to autoflowering strains and some grow to similar sizes as other cannabis strains. When it comes to size and yield it is always more technical. Your yield will always depend on the type of genetics you are using, the light strength you can provide, and other growth factors such as nutrients.

Canna-Myth #2: Busted!

Canna-Myth #3: Autoflowers Cannot Be Cloned

All cannabis plants can be cloned, including autoflowering cannabis strains. Cloning is also quite technical and must be fully understood if you are hoping to be successful. Most importantly, clones will be the same age as the mother plant when cloned, so if your plant was flowering when you cloned it you are unlikely to get much yield or height.

Due to the fast-growing properties of autoflowering strains, there is a small window of opportunity to clone before the sex starts showing, but theoretically it can be done. However, don’t clone with the expectation of increasing yield as this is highly unlikely.

Canna-Myth #3: Busted!

Canna-Myth #4: Autoflowers Taste Worse

If you are familiar with today’s autoflowering cannabis strains then you will know that they are bred specifically for their delectably varied taste properties.

A good example of a full-flavoured autoflowering cannabis strain is Sweet Tooth Autoflowering from Cafe420. Like its name implies, Sweet Tooth is known for its very sweet tast. It is known for its delicious berry flavour and smells as pleasant as it tastes.

Canna-Myth #4: Busted!

When to Grow an Autoflowering Cannabis Strain?

While waiting for a 20-week plant to reach harvest, you could potentially harvest another four autoflowering strains during the same growing period. Autoflowering cannabis strains can be harvested within 35 days, ensuring that you always have cannabis on hand.

Unlike regular plants, almost anyone can grow an autoflowering cannabis plant, and almost anywhere. If you haven’t grown cannabis before but would like to try, simply put an autoflowering cannabis seed in a cup, place it in the window and start a small home grow. Alternatively, grow an autoflowering cannabis strain alongside other plants in your garden and you should be successful.

When it comes to autofloweirng cannabis plants stop worrying about the canna-myths, you have nothing to lose.

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